A brief backround of Show Stopper Kites owners.  

SSK was an idea concieved 10 years ago by Roger Kenkel to one day offer the world hard to find kites that you just can't seem to find anywhere else.  In 2013 Roger finally made the committment to open the store and make the dream a reality.  

We reside in Gibbon, Nebraska and SSK is a family business run by Roger and his wife Brenda.  We are raising 4 beautiful children Karley, Miracle, Caly and Korben and lest I not forget Ginger the Havanese dog.  We have been flying kites for over 20 years loving every minute of air time we get.  Whether you call it showing off, or sharing the passion of kites with those around us, the bottom line is we just love to fly kites... period.

A large part of what we do is traveling to festivals and special events.  If you are looking for a community get together or something to put your towns name on the map; a kite festival might be just the thing.  Drop us a line at roger.sskites@gmail.com and we will help in anyway possible.  We generally set our flying calender by January/February however as new festival invitations and inquiries come our way we fit those in our schedule as we can.  

Maybe you are looking for a way to make a hit with your Grand Opening of your store or event.  We will bring our kites for a small fee plus expenses.  Let us know and we will throw you a quote.

Have wind, will travel,

Roger Kenkel