Heavy Line for Big Kites:For larger kites, we like a line we can put our hands on. The diameter may be a bit thicker, but big kites can usually lift it and overcome any drag without a problem. This line also has a little stretch. Normally, that's not what you want. But with big kites, a bit of flexibility will keep a gust from pulling your anchor out. Our heavy line has a twisted nylon core and a black polyester cover. It is tough, wear-resistant, attractive, and economical. Line comes in 300 foot spools. We don't reccommend flying show kites any higher than 300 ft. Not only do you lose the spectacle of the kites awsome size but it also means that much farther you have to hike to relaunch or make adjustments.

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Weight: 7.00 LBS
Width: 8.00
Height: 8.00
Depth: 10.00
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