If you have been on the sport kite scene for even a short while chances are you've heard the name Bazzer Poulter.  If you have been very fortunate than you have flown one of his fabulous creations.  Bazzer is known world-wide for his incredible designs and his meticulous attention to detail.  Every inch of this kite is engineered for precise handling and performance.   These are the Ferrari/Lamborghini/Rolls Royce of the quad line kite world. In 2016 Bazzer left the Rev fold and created these high end made to order quad line kites.  We are extremely proud to bring you these top of the line quads to you.  Every Phoenix Pro is custom built to your specifications.  Most Phoenix Pros are ordered as sail only with no frame handles or line.  If your desire is to order a complete framed kite use the drop down menu to select your premium carbon fiber frame set.  Let's break it down for you.

Colors-  You can pick any of the stock colors pictured

             Custom colors are $50 extra for that one of a kind kite you've always wanted

Frame-  You pick em, every flier has their ideal setup.  You tell us how you want it and we'll build it to your exact specs

              Highest quality Sky Shark or Revolution carbon fiber spars are standard, your choice

Sail-      Choose from a Full, Mid Vent, Vent, Xtra Vent or Mega Vent.  Choose your option below.

If you have any special requests let us know and we will send you a quote.

Line and handles not included go to our accessories tab if you'd like to order these items

Kites can be purchased as sail only or sail and frame together whichever you prefer.  Framed kites will vary in price depending on which frame sets you choose.  


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Shipping Cost:
$80.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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