This very rare version of Revolution's EXP 4 line stunt kite is here, ready to fly with handles, line manual and training DVD for a limited time only. The Connor DoranDare to Dream EXP is ONLY available right here at Show Stopper Kites. Connor Doran has been featured on America's got Talent flying Revolutions Indoor version of this kite. Connor has since established the Dare to Dream Foundation helping to create awareness for epilepsy to people around the world . Connor travels extensively spreading his message and showcasing his incredible talent and skill with a quad line kite. Want Connor to personally autograph your limited edition kite? Cover the extra shipping cost and we'll ship it off to him than straight to your door. What helicopters are to the airline world quad line kites are to the kiting world. The 4 control lines give you the ultimate in maneuverability and control. Get yours today just $249

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Weight: 7.00 LBS
Width: 6.00
Height: 32.00
Depth: 6.00
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