Rotating Windsocks are the original "big stuff". Before Peter Lynn, before bols, baskets, and barrels, the ninety-foot Spinsock was the way you impressed people with a big colorful inflated piece. And you know what? It still is...With Show Stopper Kites you get a choice of the traditional striped, or the dramatic diamond sail pattern. We can also add spikes at no addition cost. You also get to choose the color so no matter what your flying colors are you get a truly unique sock. AND we offer 7 sizes to match your budget. Each piece is made-to-order in your choice of color, pattern, size, and "spiked" or "unspiked" we are currently not keeping any in inventory we'd like to keep this a pure custom piece.
Remember -- You get your choice of Striped or Diamond -- and plain or "spikes" at no extra charge. These prices are for nylon taffeta fabric. Ask about ripstop nylon if you need a lighter sock.
In average winds, large socks can be lifted by a larger parafoil or flowform. Check them out on our Lifters page

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Weight: 10.00 LBS
Width: 18.00
Height: 18.00
Depth: 1.00
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