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Designed and hand made for you in your choice of colors by famed and world class designer Rolf Zimmerman from Germany comes this absolutely stunning Kite that inspired the name of this company. A first class show stopper The Dragon will impress everyone on any continent. When we say hand made for you we aren't kidding. Rolf Zimmerman himself will build you this incredible kite. Color schemes are never duplicated so you are assured of having a one of a kind kite from this very talented designer. This is a special order item. Please email for a consultation roger.sskites@gmail.com
This is a wonderful flyer in winds from 5 to 25 mph. Very few of these kites are flying and it can be yours for the bargain basement price of €7995  This is a custom handmade piece and at present there is a 4 month build time for this beautiful kite. Yes it's pricey but it's stunning beauty is worth every penny. By the way the photos are example colors only. You will be picking your own unique color scheme. There are 2styles to choose from, the sleek Wyverex and the full bodied Tribex.

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