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BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT!  We have the Prototype of Rolf Zimmerman's new 12m Scorpion Kite.  He has only made a handful of these and this is number 1 in the series.  Overall dimensions are roughly 7 meters wide by 12 meters long.  An excellent flier and eye catcher at any festival this scorpion has detail from claw to tail.  It has a great presence in the sky and will surely be a hit on the beach or a field near you.  The 2 tone purple color palette looks amazing against the afternoon sky.  

Normal price on this beauty is $4899 however since this one has been flown and tested we are shaving off a few dollars and your price is $4299.

Please note that price is based on current exchange rates and may fluctuate up or down on any given day.  Prices quoted are as of 11/03/2016.  Please call or email before ordering to ensure accurate pricing, 308-240-9266 or roger.sskites@gmail.com 

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